Bio Vitae

After the european financial crisis, many Italian factories started to reduce their production and the number of employees
Working in the vineyard means waking up early in the morning
In order to get a high-quality wine, many grapes’ bunches must be picked-up one by one, with hands
Working in the nature gives funny moments, better than in a factory
Young people are graduating in specialized universities to follow and improve the vinification
Two barriques of red wine. Containers for storing and aging certain wines
After finishing their work, the farmers do personal works, like lumberjack, which is then used for heating
During the winter when it's raining or snowing, it's impossible to work outside. Only specialized workers can do inside activities in the winery
This kind of job is strictly connected with the seasons
Some winery activities
During the winter is possible that the harvest frost, the farmers have to take care of it
The food used for the livestock is protected from the frost, protecting them from dying while eating frozen food
During the bad weather the tractors are stored
Knives and other tools are very useful in the wild life
Horses are used for countryside activity or for nature walks. Many people organize paid trips with them
Different generations are joining the farms. Young people are coming back to this kind of job
Pets living free side by side with the livestock
The work day ends with the sunset. Sometimes it’s possible falling asleep early in the evening
It’s consuetude to take a little pause at the bar after the end of the day having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before dinner
Who has livestock has the resources to eat and to sell
A former school has become a stable
Women are also seasonal workers in the countryside
A young engineer has preferred to escape from the office lifestyle and find peace in the nature. Ekrem and Tefik, two experienced farmers, are teaching him how to tie the vineyard
During the harvest season
After fishing his job, Moreno takes care of his livestock
Preparing the vineyard is one of the seasonal rituals
Farmers at work
Enjoying the nature during the break is one of the best things of these kinds of jobs