Bio Vitae

After the closure of a few Italian industries, many people rediscovered themselves in rural life. 
In the region of Abruzzo, along the Tirino’s river valley, a big staff shortage in a factory gave life to different farms that hired unemployed people. 
Working in the countryside, they do not only produce typical Italian wines but even help to keep up the green. It’s an hard job, but with natural rhythms. This way they are far away from working in the dark as they were at the factories. 
They wake up early in the morning: if it's raining, they can’t work and if it's very hot, they must walk up and down the vineyard to pick-up the grapes’ bunches, one by one, with their own hands. 

Currently, young people are joining the farms and young entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses. A special thanks to my friend Davide and BIOVITIS SRL